Employee Selection Protocol Self-Assessment

Learn more about Children's Service Worker positions, please watch the following video prior to entering the Self-Assessment:

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Why should I take the self-assessment?

The presence of a consistent, dedicated child welfare worker has a direct, positive impact on accurate assessments of child safety and on permanency outcomes for children under the State’s care. Turnover of staff reduces accurate assessments of child safety and a child’s successful reunification with the family, placement with relatives or adoption. Staff turnover also interferes with the continuity and quality of services to children and families. Thus, it is important for those considering a career in child welfare to carefully evaluate their own personal characteristics and to understand the DSS work context as well.

The self-assessment is designed to provide you with additional information about whether a position in child welfare in Missouri DSS is for you. The items are related to employees’ intentions to remain employed in child welfare. Therefore, an honest self-assessment can help you make a decision about whether employment in Missouri DSS in child welfare is right for you. The self-assessment tool can assist you in deciding whether to make a formal application for employment in child welfare in Missouri DSS.

In rating each self-assessment item, reflect carefully on your own personal characteristics and professional career as a potential employee in child welfare. Be as honest as you can in your ratings of each item. There are no right or wrong ratings, only those that will inform you about the extent to which you may or may not be a good fit for a children's service position in Missouri DSS. When completed, press the Submit button to total your ratings, then compare your score to the ranges at the end of the self-assessment.